WIT Talmidim Teachers 5/6/15 – Introduction to the Imperial Cult in the First Century


Here is the video of the teaching here.

Join us at 8pm EST on Wednesday May 6, 2015 as Rico Cortes teaches on the Imperial Cult. I know, you’ve probably never even heard of that before – Imperial what? It’s specifically mentioned nowhere in scripture and yet we see it in the Gospels, and especially in the writings of Paul and even in Revelation. What was that “render unto Caesar” comment really all about? What was going on in the specific churches that Paul was writing to all over Asia Minor? Why hadn’t Cornelius simply converted to Judaism years before hearing the Gospel from Peter?

Well, I’m not going to tell you. But you can read the homework here

ruler cult

and here


and tune in for the broadcast here in two weeks as I am still without high speed internet, so we are skipping my regularly scheduled turn, and Rico is having eye surgery done next week – I know prayer would be much appreciated. We all very much appreciate your support and your giving us the opportunity to present you weekly with these free teachings.


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