The First 6 Teachings plus homework

TalmidimHey there, someone made the excellent point today that not everyone in the world is on facebook, which is where we usually post homework for the FREE Wednesday night youtube teachings, which you can access from our channel every week at 8pm EST, barring travel or holy days. I will be sending an update every week so if you subscribe to my blog you will get the homework via email as soon as I have it.

So, week 1 Rico covered ancient Near Eastern Suzerain-Vassal treaties, and the homework can be found here. I mentioned this article during the teaching by Meredith Kline. Suzerain-vassal language is found throughout the entire scriptures and an understanding of it is essential.

Week 2 Ryan taught Covenant Renewal and the homework is here and here. Covenant Renewal is what you want to know about for an understanding of the “Last Supper” and it will help you explain what Yeshua (Jesus) came to do.

Week 3 Daniel taught about the Royal Messenger, a very exciting message that relates to one of the important roles of Yeshua, as well as the prophets. The homework is here – most notably in chapter 3.

Week 4 Matthew taught about the Grant Covenant, which is essential to understanding the eternal ownership of the Land of Israel, as well as the Aaronic Priesthood. Homework is here

Week 5, I taught about Spiritual Adultery and what it was about the pagan religions of the Ancient Near East that prevented Israel from the exclusive worship of YHVH. Homework is here and here.

Week 6, Rico taught about What is Kedushah? Undeniably our most important and challenging teaching to date, this is foundational information. Here is the homework.



  1. GREAT work! Thank you for your long hours and tireless efforts to learn AND to share them.


  2. Thank you for putting this together..


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