WIT-Talmidim Roundtable live on Youtube Wednesday, March 9, 2016 @ 8PM EST

wit-newBack by popular demand (and some of you guys have been pretty demanding haha), we will be having a roundtable discussion where each of the teachers will explain their study process into their specialty fields and of the Bible in general. Here’s the link to our youtube channel.¬†There’s a lot of interest out there in studying and verifying what we are being taught – this is your chance to find out how we do what we do, how we select and reject source material, why we use multiple sources, etc. and how we tell if a teaching is true or false based on that research.

In attendance will be (as of now):

Rico Cortes of wisdomintorah.com

Dr Dinah Dye of Foundationsintorah.com

Ryan White of Rootedintorah.com

Matthew Vander Els of foundedintruth.com

Daniel McGirr of ancientcovenant.com

and of course, myself, Tyler Dawn Rosenquist of theancientbridge.com and Context for Kids youtube channel.

We are a team of teachers working together in order to keep each other accountable both in what we teach (which we have to be able to document and support through legitimate sources) and how we behave ourselves. Other affiliated teachers, who won’t be in attendance are Joseph Good of jerusalemtemplestudy.com and ¬†Joel Sanchez of crucifiedlifeministries.com.


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