April 15, 2015 WIT Talmidim Teachers **LIVE** Teaching – “The Macro-Temple of YHWH in the Cosmos”

three heavensHey all,

Here is the link to last night’s teaching. I will be out of the loop for a month while we have really awful internet access where I am staying while we are waiting to move in to our permanent house. Right now we are staying with some wonderful believers.

Okay, for all of you wanting a head start on next week’s class, Daniel McGirr will be teaching about the way that the Ancients saw the Cosmos. This is another one of those teachings that is essential to understanding the language of the Psalms and Job. The teaching will be accessible through our youtube page here.

Here is Daniel’s description

Understanding Ancient Cosmology.  Ancient Cosmology is the belief of the ancient cultures of how the universe came into existence as well as which god or gods they believed managed that universe. The interesting concept is that this all directly linked to the temples of these gods in the Cosmos.  By investigating these cultural ideas we can begin to look at Genesis 1-3 in its context of of it  being the establishment of YHWH’s Macro-Temple in the Cosmos. Remember that Moshe is shown the pattern of the Heavenly Temple for instructing on how to build the Earthly Tabernacle. We see evidence of this all though out the Bible, including the First Century Writings. With this being the case, I believe it is safe to say the we should be able to see that YHWH would show mankind the template of HIS Macro Temple in the Covenant Text prior to the pattern or microcosm of it extending to the Earth. My hope is that after seeing the evidence of the cultural ideas pertaining to ancient cosmology Macro-Temple of YHWH in the Cosmos, is that we will have a much clearer understanding of Scripture from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 indeed being a “Temple Text, a Text that is written in Temple Language”

Here is the homework that Daniel has provided

Creation as Temple building and work as liturgy in Gen 1-3 

Review of Walton’s Genesis as Cosmology

Genesis 1 as Temple Text in the context of ancient cosmology

And two videos he recommends:

John Walton on Genesis 

and NT Wright on Genesis


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