Review of King, Kingdom, Citizen” His Reign & Our Identity

KKC1My amazing editor and wonderful friend Sarah Hawkes Valente has reviewed my new book – check it out, and while you are at it check out the rest of her blog and books. I just bought her newest homeschooling book Crash Course in Creativity for my almost high schoolers, who need some serious help with creative writing (no, I don’t seem to be able to teach them to do what I do naturally! ugh) and her Little Children: Big God is a delight.

King, Kingdom, Citizen is different than my first book, The Bridge. The Bridge was about the Kingdom of God as a family, but KKC is about the Kingdom of God as a Kingdom – and to do that I had to dig deep into Ancient Near Eastern archaeology and contextual studies. I wrote KKC because I see too many people desperately trying to understand who they are in the Kingdom of God and too many are falling away – because they think that they have to become something they were never meant to be. I am hoping you will check them both out, as well as Sarah’s books!


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