What’s New for 2017 – New Testament Background for Kids, a book on Sex and Social Life in the Bible, and Bites of Fruit on Youtube!

I have been switching things up a bit this year. I have been busy for the last month with our move to Idaho Falls, Idaho and we are finally getting settled in. ¬†As most of you know, I have already transitioned my Ancient Near Eastern and First Century Context teachings over to contextforkids.com, and this year we are doing Backgrounds of the New Testament in the video series – had a great time going through the Maccabean Revolt, from the origins through the first Hannukah. Right now I am writing Context for Adults: Sexuality and Social Life in the Bible – I am tackling a lot of the questions that people struggle with, and that keep unbelievers at arm-length from God – questions that everyone dreads getting asked about the Bible. It can be used as curriculum, but with extreme parental discretion. I am currently working on the last five lessons. After that, I am planning on writing Context for Kids: Backgrounds of the New Testament. My long game, which I have spent the last two years diligently studying for, will be to write Context for Kids volumes on the Temple and the Priesthood, as well as the Feast Days, which I am planning on calling “Jesus’ Days of Joy.”

On the grownup front, I have mostly switched over to videos on my youtube channel. I am focusing on our social media character and how it reflects on our King – I have been asked to produce 28-minute teachings that can later be used in mp3 format for a radio program and decided to kill two birds with one stone. This year we are especially focusing on spiritual growth and self-control. Check them out on youtube! Here is the first of the four videos, but the entire playlist is here:


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