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So now for something completely different.  In addition to my blog posts, I will be doing two different types of videos. On Tuesdays I will be doing a video series teaching people how to learn to study for themselves, how to be able to tell if their teacher is studying, how and when and where to ask questions, and how to tell a good source from a bad source – I will be teaching by example as I go through a specific book that is a popular source for some Hebrew Roots and Messianic teachers, and we will see if it is a good or bad source, only time will tell! I will also be using three great teachers – Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah, Lee Miller of House of David Fellowship and Joseph Good of Hatikva ministries – in order to show you how to find and investigate good sources. Fridays I will be talking about developing fruit as believers. I started it up last week on my youtube channel and I will be making topical playlists.

My teachings will be geared towards newcomers, just like my books. I am laying foundation here – not doctrinal foundations, but equipping people to function in the perilous world of online teachings and webpages dedicated to proving everything under the sun. How can you tell true from false when people are “proving” entirely opposite positions? Well, I am going to try to show you how to do just that.


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  1. I’m so excited….and just can’t hide it……


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