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bereshith2015Well, big dummy that I am – I started my kids channel without mentioning it on my blog.

Here is the link – I am teaching the same context that I teach adults at an age appropriate level and with age appropriate content.

Next year we will go beyond the first five books and into the “adventure” books of Joshua, Judges and Samuel or maybe into the gospels – still debating it.




  1. Shalom Tyler,

    I am writing from New Zealand, have a nine year old daughter, and two younger boys and would love recommendations for child-friendly books for them written by Torah observant authors. If you know of any, I’d be ver appreciative! Thanks!


    1. well, my friend Sarah Hawkes Valente has a new title out that might be just perfect. I reviewed it in one of my recent videos and it might be available from Amazon in your area. Here’s the link

      As for any others with that age group, I really don’t know – are you talking about books they can read on their own, or Bible curriculum for the family? I presumed stuff they can read on their own. Honestly, I really like the JPS young reader novels – my husband read their book on Yoni Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu’s older brother and the hero of the raid on Entebbe.

      I have my friend Dr. Dinah Dye convinced to work on some young reader novels, but they won’t be out for a while. I have no plans to do anything but family curriculum myself, but definitely check out Sarah and the Jewish Publication Society. Sarah is also writing some new books right now.


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