Teaser sample of Context For Kids Volume 1: Honor and Shame in the Bible – Coming Soon!

context coverHey everyone! I wanted to show off the fabulous work that David Farley from DCO Branding (if you want to get in touch with him, just give me a holler) is doing on the formatting of my new curriculum series. I am still working on writing him an amazing review for his site (I’m an author, so it has to sound better than anyone else’s lol). Book will definitely be available in October, barring something unforseen – like my deciding it needs ten more chapters or something.

Context-For-Kids-Volume1-pp8-9 <——-Here’s the link to Lesson’s #4 and #5 – it’s a 10 week, or 50 lesson course. I know the cover says that it is for kids 10-15 but I changed focus early on and it’s a family curriculum now – a dinner table curriculum that can be used by homeschoolers as part of their normal schedule or by any family as part of their together time at night. I want families to learn together, and to talk to each other about what they are learning.  I want Christian Schools to be able to use this too – I won’t be holding my breath that public schools will adopt it though.

My weekly context videos for kids will be available on the Context for Kids youtube channel starting on September 28 with Genesis 1 from the Ancient Near Eastern point of view.

What do I want? What is my goal? Nothing less than a revolution in how families study the Bible together. Hard core Bible study isn’t just for homeschooling families – we all love our kids and want them fully armed against the armchair atheist Bible hobbyists and College Professors (even within the Religious Studies department) who will tell them that the Bible was made up after the Babylonian exile. Archaeology proves otherwise.

It’s time to become Context Detectives – detective families and detective assemblies. It’s time to stop being confused about Abraham cutting animals in half and understanding what the big deal was about wearing long tassels, and why Jacob gave Joseph a special coat – and why his brothers all really hated him for it.



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