Welcome to the Home page!  I won’t take up too much of your time, just want to state the purpose and ground rules here.

The purpose here is to glorify God through exploring what the Word says about Him.  This is not a place for people who want to spam their opinions, or create a following, or post their “amazing revelations” that have only been given to them.  This is not a place for divisions, or to take offense if I am not doing things precisely the way someone wants me to. As believers, we have to come to a place where we put ourselves on the back burner and make it all about Him — and that is what I am attempting to do.  I am not always going to succeed.  If I am biblically incorrect and you can prove it in context, then please do so politely.  I have a great amount of respect for my boundaries, and I will not allow rudeness, either to myself or the other commenters.  I will not allow any sort of demeaning behavior whatsoever, so please do not try to “pull rank” either.  It doesn’t matter if you have credentials, all that matters is if you can prove your point with scripture in context using the two witness rule.

The two witness rule:  According to established Torah law (Deut 19:15) and upheld by Yeshua (Jesus) in Matt 18:16, and Paul in 2 Cor 13:1, no matter is established by only one witness.  That means that two people in scripture have to have said something for it to be Biblical truth, and Paul saying something twice doesn’t count, it only counts as one witness, someone else has to say it too.  If one verse contradicts all the other writers, then that verse is misunderstood, not untrue.

This wall is not a billboard for the teachings of other people.  It may sound arrogant, but if I allow people to post teachings that I have not seen, it is my obligation to go through them all before allowing them to remain up.  I don’t have time for that.  If you would like to post something that is relevant, please just ask.  I will only say no for two reasons — one, I have not seen it AND I don’t know the teacher well enough to approve it without looking at it, or two, from experience with that teacher I don’t want people to get involved with their ministries.  Sometimes the teachings are good, but not everyone does a very good job of representing the character of our Creator.  I do not support teachers who misrepresent the character of our King in how they treat others, period, because I do not see any greater transgression than that.

So, Yeshua (Jesus) said that the law and the prophets could be summed up this way ” Love God, love your neighbor.”  The law of my blog is the same but I will narrow it down even further while still maintaining the rest of God’s laws — “Behave yourselves.”  Treat me and others like God loves us and I will make sure that you are treated the same way.  If you can’t do that, I have no qualms about banning you.

Titus 3:10  As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him