About me

Hello!  My name is Tyler Dawn Rosenquist!  I am a 40-something, adoptive, homeschooling mother of 14 year old twins, one special needs, and a wife of over 24 years to my beloved and brilliant husband Mark. I am also the only employee of Ancient Bridge Publishing, where I publish serious Bible Curriculum for entire families under the name Context for Kids, as well as few grownup books.


I became a Christian in January 1999 after a week-long knock down drag out battle with God, after which I surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the savior of my life.  In June 2011, on the day before Pentecost, God challenged me about how I was living my life and challenged me to get to know Him as He is as revealed through His own words, which has not always necessarily been who I was taught He is.

I like to say that Jesus Christ saved my life, and then Yeshua (His given Name) Messiah taught me how to live that life.

I am a singer, an avid student of the the Word in it’s historical context, and a prolific writer.  I have published three books – the first two were The Bridge: Crossing Over Into the Fullness of Covenant Life, and King, Kingdom, Citizen: His Reign and Our Identity. My third book is the beginning of a series designed to teach entire families the ancient Near Eastern and First Century context of the Scriptures – Context for Kids Vol 1: Honor and Shame in the Bible. I followed it up with Ten Commandments and the Covenants of Promise for ages 10 and up, and Context for Adults: Sexuality, Social Identity, and Kinship Relations in the Bible for teens and up. Coming soon is Context for Kids Volume 4: Image-bearing, Idolatry and the New Covenant in the Bible.

All are available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback or from me personally if you want to buy in bulk.

I also have two youtube channels – one for adults and the other for children and families. Check out the links on my homepage.

My email address is thebestoftimesisnow@yahoo.com

My new glasses and my book finally arrived!
December 2014