Early Sacred Name Movement by Sis. A.L. Schulze

This is a wonderful old article by¬†Sister A.L. Schulze sent to me by Daniel Botkin of Gates of Eden, who has guest blogged here previously, about the early origins and fruit of the Sacred Name movement. Now, modern “sacred namers” are not people who like to pronounce the Name of God, but those who militantly insist that those who do not do so are not saved, their prayers are not heard, etc. I have seen this doctrine, in it’s¬†current incarnation, tear apart congregations, families, and friendships. This was written by a first-hand witness to it’s more benign beginnings. I personally have no problems with the usage of Jesus, God, Lord, etc. just to be clear, nor do I have a beef with anyone who uses the sacred names. I do not agree with every view expressed in this article, but thought it was interesting how the joy of learning something so wonderful can later be used to divide people who agree on almost everything else.

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Part 4b

I wish I had a way of knowing who this wonderful sister is, but I pray that posting this will honor her testimony in a small way.