The Bridge – **FREE CHRISTIAN BOOK** for the next 5 days

The_Bridge_Cover_for_KindleTwo years ago I released the Bridge and gave it away on the first weekend and have repeated the giveaways every six weeks since then – but I have never used all of my five days at one time before now. All of the instructions (I have over 5000 successful downloads of the first edition based on them and 900 of the new) and all the links work. Everything you need is here.

No Kindle required – all you need is any online device – PC, Mac or android!! Read all the instructions, the links are in blue. PLEASE read all the directions as I will not be able to help you beyond that. Absolutely everything you need is here.

If the country you live in has an amazon platform, this will still be free for you, but my links will only work in America. Just do a search for my name – Tyler Dawn Rosenquist and you will hopefully see the book listed.

So what is The Bridge?  The Bridge is a book that spans the gap between 1st and 21st century Christianity, sending the reader back in time to the faith once delivered to our fathers, so that we can understand what they understood, and see the Kingdom as more of a family instead of a religion.  If you ever wanted to explain to anyone, in very simple and non-threatening terms, why you believe what you believe – this will help you.  Why does God describe Himself as Father, King, Master, Husband?  Why does He call us to become child, ambassador, bondservant, and bride?  What do those relationships teach us about His promises and expectations?  The Bridge:  Crossing Over Into the Fullness of Covenant Life is a book designed to explore those relationships and restore you to the path that leads to the intimacy that we were always meant to have with our Father. I have revamped much of the book, especially the last half, adding in 20,000 words that reflect better research into the Ancient Near Eastern and First Century context of many issues – and, my original reason for the rewrite, I removed some popular urban legends that I took for truth – I simply had not verified because so many people were teaching them.

If you want the book for free:

1. If you don’t already have it, and you already have a kindle or the free app, just get it free here or do a search if you are from another country on your respective amazon platform. Hibuy-nowt the “Buy it now with 1-click” before Sunday at midnight PST.

2.  If you don’t have a kindle, download this app first on PC, Mac, or android.  When that is done, download the book, but make sure you do it before midnight PST on Sept 25, 2016.


You can also buy it in paperback here if you are like me and hate reading things on Kindle.

You can help me by getting the word out about the free offer, and once you have read it, I would appreciate reviews. If you like The Bridge, then check out the sequel, written from the Ancient Near Eastern and First Century Perspective – King, Kingdom, Citizen: His Reign and Our Identity, which proves our rights to Citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven through Messiah. You can also check out the first book in my family curriculum series Context for Kids, Vol I: Honor and Shame in the Bible  and Volume II, The Ten Commandments and the Covenants of Promise – I believe in teaching children the same things I teach adults, within reason, I don’t dumb it down, I just teach it more slowly. I’ve had kids from 7 to 62 go through Volume I with no problems, and a University professor as well (Volume II is better suited for 10 and up). If you haven’t caught my weekly youtube teachings for kids, check out my Context for Kids youtube channel linked on the sidebar – this year I have been taking the kids on an archaeological journey through the Ancient Near Eastern context of Scripture from Genesis through Deuteronomy and we will be starting up in New Testament studies in November.



  1. Hey Miss Tyler, I’d wanted to pick up your book for some time, but only the paperback is available in my country. Could you check out why? I prefer digital ebooks. Thank you!


    1. goodness, sorry I have absolutely no input about that – it must have something to do with your country’s laws and their contracts with Amazon 🙁
      I wish it could be available everywhere and at the rate that Amazon is growing, it is becoming more and more possible


      1. Oooh. That’s all right. Thank you for letting me know. I’m pretty sure they’ll allow it soon; we’re a pretty tolerant society when it comes to religion.

        Ah well. I’ll just purchase the paperback when I get the chance. 🙂 God bless.


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